Evil Owl Studios

Evil Owl Studios

Evil Owl Studios formed in North Wales with a small team of graduates; with a passion to develop fun and detailed games for everyone.



Game Rhythm Knight

Our Game Rhythm Knight is a 2D side-scrolling, hack’n’slash game that challenges the player to use particular rhythms to attack opposing enemies. Breaking the rhythm, the player may face unfathomable consequences!


Find us online!

Website:              www.evil-owl-studios.github.io/

Email:                  EvilOwlStudio@gmail.com

Itch.io:                 www.evilowlstudios.itch.io/


Twitter:                www.twitter.com/evilowlstudios

Facebook:           www.facebook.com/EvilOwlStudios/

Instagram:           www.instagram.com/evilowlstudios/

YouTube:             www.youtube.com/channel/UCNVA0UjBLMiim1yf5jnj0eQ

TikTok:                www.tiktok.com/@evilowlstudios


Client: Evil Owl Studios

Tags: GTW 2022

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