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Define Logic – Scientific Showdown

“Define Logic is a team of six, comprising three artists and three designers. Accompanying us are two contractors; one designer and one artist. Our focus as a company is to bring Welsh identity and culture to an international audience through the characters, settings and stories of our games.

We have been working as a team for ten months and during that time have worked on two projects: The Last Antique Store and Scientific Shutdown.

Scientific Shutdown is a co-op twin-stick shooter set in a laboratory hologram chamber where players must survive wave after wave of rock monster attacks. Each simulated environment is based around a seasonal theme and contains traps and environmental hazards for players to avoid.

Throughout the game, players are taunted by a comical commentator who takes the form of a mad scientist who runs the simulations. This scientist will insult the player whenever: a player loses a life; loses all lives; at the beginning of the level; at the end of the level; and at the end of each wave.

We want to push the ‘simulated’ theme further by experimenting with “glitchy mechanics”, in which elements of the level mechanics or rules can be randomly changed due to the supposedly poor programming of the simulation. These changes could include passive changes such as props being swapped from other levels to active changes such as decreasing the gravity in the level or placing hazards in the environment.”

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