We are 4 eager university students with a passion for game development, put bluntly. 3 squabbling brothers held together by a Rusty Fridge!

Orchestrated Chaos

Orchestrated Chaos will be innovating on a new genre of multiplayer action game that hasn’t been seen in the market for over a decade. We are aiming to create a fast-paced and chaotic action-party game that will engage the audience by letting players customize their characters to express themselves!

Embody a colourful miniature muse in a gigantic world, whose purpose is to quell the chaos that is music and the sound it creates. Fighting is all you know; Victory is your goal.
Run, Jump, punch, and ground pound your adversaries. Grab the closest instrument and become the master of the Chaotic Orchestra!

Find us online!

Email:                        contact@farawayfromfailure.co.uk

Twitter:                      twitter.com/FARGameStudios


Tags: GTW 2022

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