First Horizon

First Horizon

We are First Horizon Games, a team of 4 passionate aspiring game developers who recently graduated from Wrexham Glyndwr University. We came together as a team due to our similar high work ethic and passion for creating unique experiences for the player. We are currently working on ‘The Nutcracker’ – a single player Survival Horror game aimed at the younger market.

The Nutcracker

The game plays out as a cat and mouse encounter between player and the main protagonist, ‘The Nutcracker’. You are given the task of solving the disappearances within a local shopping mall set in the fictional town of ‘Mystic Peak’. You must do this whilst evading capture, outwitting the Nutcracker and (hopefully) escaping with your life.

The game features several unique elements such as links to real world companies and widely differing stores within the mall which can change the tone and feel of the game quickly. We aim to deliver lore in fun ways throughout the game which rely on the different themes of the stores inside.

The game will be initially released on Steam and will be in episodic format, with further episodes centring around seasonal and in-game expansions.

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