Ripstart  – Ready or SWAT

Ripstart is a new student development company with its core team being Games Development students from Wrexham Glyndwr University. We also have members from other departments in the university, and even other universities.

Ripstart is currently creating it’s first Indie game, titled Ready or SWAT.

Ready or Swat is a top down, twin stick shooter game that focuses on quick paced, arcade gameplay that works well for solo play, couch co-op and has high potential for ‘co-optional’ gameplay.

Ready or SWAT puts players into a fun packed version of law enforcement taking on hostile situations like defusing bombs, taking out criminals or even wave hold outs.

The game is set in a modern time and used a semi realistic, low poly art style and destructible environments that allow players to make their own way around and through levels as they fight to complete their objective. Players will also be able to customise their characters and loadouts to fit their play style as well as things such as different equipment or even ‘skins’ for outfits.



Tags: Alumni

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