Silent Yeti

Silent Yeti

Silent Yeti is an award-winning indie studio based in Wrexham, North Wales. We are a team of six, that put an emphasis on collaborative workflow. Working together keeps us motivated and brings out the best in each other’s work. The team never settles with the visuals or mechanics in our games and are always eager to push the quality that extra mile. Our team’s ambition is to foster the development of a small Indie Games Studio to a larger, successful company with multiple titles under its name.


A Couple Of Cubes

A Couple of Cubes is a co-operative multiplayer puzzle game set in a world of cubes. You play as Hugh and Boyd after a meteor hits their city and gives them unique special abilities. The story starts with the characters meeting for the first time and getting captured by Sir Cull, the main villain of the game. The game then follows Hugh and Boyd as they solve physics-based puzzles to escape from Sir Cull’s testing facility.

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Tags: GTW 2022

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