Sons Of Glyndwr

Sons Of Glyndwr

We are a team of mature students that communicate well together and have the dedication to work well as a team. We have just completed the first year at Wrexham University have. Our team name is “Sons of Glyndwr”.

Grand Race Island

The game is a racing game with combat elements that has been inspired by numerous films and tv shows. Films like Death Race, Mad Max, Battle Royale, and the Netflix series Squid game.  The game will be set in a contemporary world. There will be options of playing as a single player vs AI controlled cars or racing against other players in a split screen mode.  The race itself will offer cash prizes to the player used for customization of vehicles and upgrades to weaponry and armour.  This will enhance a player’s sense of progression and the replayability value of the game.  Landscapes will consist of wooded areas, caves, deserts, abandoned wastelands etc. A variety of race types will be available to the player including multi-lap circuits and ‘last man standing’ eliminators.


Tags: GTW 2022

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